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No stitcher works in a vacuum.  We learn from our teachers, peers and students. Inspiration comes from masterworks, nature and just plain life.

Honoring my sources, especially living artists. is essential to me. 

It's definitely about karmic protection and avoiding legal issues, but mainly it's about respect for those who give their time and talents to create fresh work and their continued willingness to share what they have learned.

These Portfolio pages may contain projects that  were inspired by another artist's work, a class I enjoyed, or a kit I mangled (oops-um...'altered'!). Each time, the source is stated and credit given.  When known, a link is provided to the source.

These are not classes I offer, even when the pieces are totally original but a window into my thinking and creative process when using someone else's work as a stepping stone. 

Sometimes, a class is not built upon a project because materials are no longer available or I had made just one as an experiment.

While this topic is open; please demonstrate your respect for my work and that of others by never, ever teaching or selling someone else's design, class or original method. Copying a pattern or a photo of work, then 'sharing' or teaching it with your guild , group or friends without the express permission of the artist is theft, plain and simple.

I won't 'sugar coat' this because it needs to be said out-loud and often in our stitching world.

Thank you for your interest in my work. I hope it inspires you to try a new technique, refine a familiar one, take a class or start a conversation.

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