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"What Now?"  2008

A loose interpretation of Alley Cat Design's Beach Kitties, this 28 x 30" applique and pieced wall quilt garners chuckles whenever it is shown.

Utilizing reproduction 1930's prints and 'Amish black' body fabric, I built the personalities of the sisters as I imagined them off to a beach outing, carrying their stuffed bags and wearing fashionable suits.

Big sister (top right) is thoroughly dismayed as her sister to the left once more gets into hot water as a bee lands on her nose.  Each face is hand embroidered and the bags are truly three dimensional. The fun I had making this really shows!



Doorway to Imagination 2008
Portfolio includes both original pieces and some designed by others. 
Credit is always given when due.
An entry in the 2008 Quilting Arts Magazine Readers' Challenge. Several door designs were offered for us to interpret in an 8.5 x 11" quilt. I chose to create a wall that might be found in a depressed neighborhood, repleat with 'posters', 'weeds' and dingy streaked 'wall', all from commercial fabrics. The door itself actually opens onto an imaginary world of sea and sky filled with dream-like flora and fauna.

Materials: commercial cottons, silk Dupioni, upholstery fabric, porcelain and shell buttons, charms, beads, carved bone moon from Petroglyph, sequins, buttonhole silk, silk ribbon, Shiva Paintsticks, gift wrap ribbon (door window, wall streaks), knitting fibers.
Machine pieced, hand embroidered. 
Details, above: actual size each: 1.5 x 2"

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