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"12 Goldfish"
Art Quilt, 2008

Twelve happy goldfish swim in a sea of beads, each on her own tile quilt.

Using Shiva Paint sticks, I stenciled the fish with gold, copper and pewter onto silk taffeta. The edges of the taffeta were burned with a heat stick, then stitched to cotton. Myriad beads were hand sewn under each fish, then each was mounted on a cotton mini-quilt 'tile'.

The tiles were mounted on a whole-cloth quilt using brass beads in the corners.

This one brings lots of questions at shows, my least favorite being: "what brand of glue did you use to put all those beads on?"  They should have seen my lacerated finger tips after I had completed 7 straight hours of beading!



Aaron's Cat Quilt
   2008, 40 x 40"

A birthday gift for my son, who adores cats. The shapes of the cats and mice are from the pattern book, Annie's Cats.

Most of the fabrics are from the late Laurel Burch, Heaven rest her creative soul. The buttonhole stitching is in my favorite variegated quilting thread, King Tut.

The cat faces are hand embroidered in Oliver Twist floss.

This was my very first self-designed, pieced setting and I had a devil of a time getting the points to match.

Lucky for me, it was Retreat Weekend for the Petaluma Quilt Guild, and like the quilting bees of old, the gals gathered around and showed me how to plan, measure, true-up and match the squares.

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