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Rowdy Rooster
24 x 24" Art Quilt, 2008

Starting with a commercial pattern, this wall quilt was a donation for a Petalma Quilt Guild monthly fundraiser.

Moda and other batiks add up to 26 different  fabrics for the feathers; each raw-edge appliqued and machine stitched on the wire fence print. 

Rainbow bias tape added a touch of flair as the inner binding, and a black background rooster print brought it all together.

As always, just one more touch had to be added,  and I wanted to give Rowdy a reason for racing across the quilt in such haste that tail feathers were flying.

A dragonfly charm was added and a flight trail embroidered in buttonhole twist.  Swirls of machine quilting emphasized speed and flight.

Little Rowdy proudly brought in a record amount to swell the guild's coffers. Go Rowdy!



Sept. 11 Memorial Quilt
   2002, 30 x 40"

Since the Oklahoma City bombing, as a volunteer for the Angel Express Project and then United We Quilt, I have been donating custom memorial quilts for families touched by disaster.

Always, this had been an emotionally draining process, but this last quilt was the most difficult for me.  Perhaps it was because the  victim had a toddler that would never know her dad. 

Early in 2002, I received a carton of his clothes, including 4  sports caps, two ties and a business jacket.  The cover of his favorite cookbook was sent, and 8 pages of handwritten notes about their marriage.

I transfered 6 of the photos, the book cover and the little girl's photo to cotton. All but the child became a part of a crazy quilted square,  using themed fabrics. The book, for example had all food motifs. 

The note pages were incorporated on each side.  I peeled the logos from the caps and they became the corners.  The ties went into the sashing.

What to do with the child? I stitched her photo into a mini-quilt, then made a square from the actual breast pocket of the suit. Her photo slips in and out of his pocket on a silk cord, where she is 'Next to Daddy's Heart Forever'.

9/11 will always be a mystery to me, so I added the rainbow bias tape in puzzle shapes.

A label with his name and  life dates went on the back, and it was shipped off to New Jersey along with a small quilt of hearts containing  photos for the little girl to keep. 

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