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Silk Gone Wild
Crazy Quilting with a Twist 2010

My first crazy quilt, the
Travel Journal had a completely cotton foundation.  Although the result was lovely, I wanted to up the ante in both foundation fabrics and threads.

In 2008 I located a source in Japan for damaged kimonos, and one in France for silk fabric scraps from the fashion design houses.  My silk stash was rounded out with Dupioni silks from China and ties from thrift shops.

For threads, I almost exclusively use silk buttonhole twist, French hard twist silks and silk ribbon.

The added luster and interest given the quilt surface is well worth the added expense and effort to locate and purchase the materials.

Now my most popular Crazy Quilt workshop is Silk Gone Wild. Both the materials and the techniques go beyond the classic methods. Beads, sequins, bits of broken jewelry, lace fragments, knitting 'wool' and charms are shared with class members.

Filler stitches borrowed from Jacobean themes are translated with silk.

Silk Gone Wild is a two day workshop. Newly transfered copies of Victorian cigarette silks are in each kit. Subject matter includes costumed actresses, floral motifs, birds and other typical images from the period.

And of course, each piece includes instructions for the classic good luck spider and web.

Further details may be found  in the Learn with Us section.

Heart Etui
Crazy Quilted Heart for EGA 2010

Designed for the June 2010 issue of EGA's Needle Arts magazine, this simple form of crazy quilting requires no prior skills in silk ribbon or fancy stitches.

Instructions, materials list and step diagrams were in the magazine for all to use.

Copies of the issue may be purchased from the EGA web site at www.egausa.org.  This makes a fun full-day workshop for your chapter or stitch-in group. Please be sure that each person has a copy of the magazine to honor the copywrite.

Pretty much any fancy fabric scraps , lace trims, threads or ribbons may be incorporated to complete this delightful heart. It makes a lovely gift when the recipient's intials are added to the back.

Simple beading in brick or picot, or inserted lace makes a wonderful edging to finish this heart.

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