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Homage to Montano
Crazy Quilt Pillow, 2008

Judith Baker Montano can be credited with the blossomng of a new era in Crazy Quilting. Her books, tapes, classes and interviews jump-started hundreds of new CQ fans all across America.

My first CQ, Travel Journal, came after viewing her beginners' video and  the Crazy Quilt Handbook. This pillow is my tribute to Montano for leading me back to embroidery.

The center square is based on a Benertex foundation, which I use extensively in my classes.  They've stopped producing this material, and I've recently snapped up every dusty, hidden bolt I could find.

The pillow took a Best in Show ribbon, two cash awards and a first. I surrounded the square with gathered fabric, added gold braid and more beads to finish it.

A doily, dyed lace, lots of silk ribbon embroidery, a few charms and some knitting 'yarn' plus classic CQ stitches layered on texture and interest.

Crazy Quilt Pouch
A Simple CQ bag, 2009

The same foundation square, with a different set of embellishments,  morphed into a pouch after completing the Montano Pillow.

This sophisticated  babe features some odd additions; a broken bracelet section, beaded leaves from a damaged vintage flapper's dress, a crocheted flower from a guild friend who mistakenly thought she would want to make enough for a bed quilt (yikes!), dyed lace, a photo transfer, charms and of course, the requisite spider and web.

By the way, my absolute fave source for charms is from Susan Clarke. They are  hand painted, and the casting of each bug, flower, leaf or cat is exceptional.